Monday, 30 September 2019

Quality of Education

One of the most common complaints I see and hear about modern schooling, is that “It doesn’t prepare kids for modern life.”. There is no arguing that isn’t true, but that complaint itself highlights a far bigger problem. The complaint leads to the obvious question of, “How do we improve school so that it DOES prepare kids for modern life?” And that question is what led us to the hellish excuse for education we call “school” today.

The Australian Education System Illustrated

Now you are likely reading this thinking, “But that makes sense, we need to work out how to make school prepare kids for their future jobs, their modern lives.” I’m afraid if you’re having that thought, you are the problem.

If the world were a beautiful, wonderful utopia, where all people lived to follow their purpose and led happy, exiting and fulfilling lives, that indeed would be the ideal of education; to prepare kids to live in that amazing world. Well maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s fair to say that doesn’t well describe the world we live in.  The world we live in is a festering hell, rapidly descending toward eternal suffering, or complete destruction.  Whether by nuclear war, the newly renewed obsession for infanticide, or a drugged up police state, the current direction of our future is a dark, dark place.

And preparing kids to slowly suffer and die in that dark future is hardly an ideal goal for our education system.

So then the obvious goal for any worthwhile education system formed in a dying world should presumably be some at least vague and pitiful effort toward eking out some slightest hope for longer term survival of said world.  It should be to prepare kids to create a better future, not to live in the terrible one that exists.

If you send your kids to school in the hope that one day they will get to be educated well enough to live a quiet, hopeless, existence in an 8-6 job, hoping that their entire family doesn’t get raped to death when their government decides to declare war on the neighbours in a disagreement over whether infanticide or genocide is more morally correct; perhaps you’d want to reconsider if that’s really what is best for them?

Perhaps programming kids to think it makes sense to have a purposeless job just to earn a living isn’t helping to create a better future society?  Perhaps beating down their individuality and creativity for the sake of having an easier to control class may not be the best way to develop future leaders?  Perhaps drugging any child with an ounce of life left in their body isn’t going to help motivate them toward future greatness?

Perhaps, just maybe, the purpose of school should be to teach kids how to communicate effectively, how to learn new things, evaluate data themselves and make tough decisions that actually matter?  And maybe when they have worked out what their passion is at a young age, rather than locking them away until they are in their mid 20s, telling them how vital their schooling is, until any personal conviction they have is utterly drained, maybe it would be a good idea to actually encourage the able to be able and get to work creating a better world?

I guess the plus side of the current system is that it does bring about equality.  In that no matter how well or badly any child does, the entire human race will end up equally dead in the long run.


Crush their dreams, their hopes their lives. Crush them till they're dead inside. Make them beg and weep and cry, beat them till they’re dead inside. Drag it out and blank their minds, drug them out, they’ll be dead inside. Degrade their soul, their love, their joy, deny all purpose till they’re dead inside. No hope, no freedom, no escape, no chance, slaves from the begging to the last. Blind them, burn them, make all hell consume them, betray them, destroy them, every moment, they must be all made dead inside.

-The Oath of the Australian Education System

Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Health is Overrated!

With so many people talking about health, diet and so on lately, I decided it's about time I really do some research into the matter myself so I can make up my own mind.

I have to admit, I climbed down quite a rabbit hole here and found some startling data that as far as I can tell, no one else in the world is aware of!

Now I don't expect you to just take this data from me, you'll find once you know what to look for, it's actually very easy to verify for yourselves. So while this may seem like some flat Earth conspiracy nonsense, do go check it out and you'll see it's true.

So get this. After exhaustive research, I have discovered conclusively that in fact 100% (not close to 100%, but ACTUALLY 100%) of all people who have ever lived in history, have died.
Now this frankly blew me away, but I came up with name after name and just couldn't find an exception. Alexander the Great, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sun Tzu, you name them, they died!

This really startled me, so I took a good look at more recent history to see what the trends looked like and this is where I got horrified and shocked. It appears to the best of my research abilities, that in addition to the above, 100% of all people ALIVE TODAY, are going to die very soon! I'm talking probably less a thousand years!!! In fact some of my research indicates that most people alive today could even die in less than a couple of HUNDRED years.

And look, I don't want to startle anyone more than I already have, but there is reason to believe that some people, perhaps even quite a few will die in LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED years from now!!!!!

This hit me really hard, but the evidence is hard to ignore and I really don't know what to do about it. But it just seems irrefutable, that all people currently alive, will relatively soon (or basically immediately on a geological scale), die.

The kicker is that this applies to every person, on every diet, who does or doesn't do any kind of exercise or any other ritual. No exceptions! The time before death is actually statistically almost identical for every person ever to have lived, some people die at birth, others - let's be lenient here - maybe a thousand years at best, but possibly only 100! So basically everyone dies pretty much the moment they are born geologically speaking.

Now I know that's a lot to take in and I really don't want to overwhelm anyone, but I felt it was my duty to share this information with the world.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Drugs, Stupidity and Bad Education

I was recently sent a short article with an "interesting" title - "Teens prefer harm reduction messaging on substance use".

My first thought on reading that was it's a bit like saying "Hobos prefer free money for everyone!" I mean yes, that's probably true, but if everyone is a hobo, who makes the money?  Teens may prefer being told the stupid things they are doing is fine, but that doesn't change reality.

It's really rooted in the modern "My feelings are more important than your facts" philosophy.

That being said, the article does get some points right.  Kids are getting on drugs younger and younger, so giving 13 year olds a zero-tolerance "we will shoot you in the face if you take drugs" message, isn't productive.  These days its more 9-11 year olds who are likely to be first encountering drug use in school.

I'm starting to suspect that politicians are so psychotically invested in the two party system, they've gotten to the point where their entire thinking has degraded to binary thought.  There is the hardline "Just say no, or we will murder your entire family," stance or the "Drugs are fine, just try not to walk in front of a car when you take them," stance.

And then when drug use figures and the harm that stems from drug use continues to rise, people boldly proclaim that we can't do anything about the drug problem, that it just needs to be accepted as a part of modern life.

That's like trying to use a computer, entering the wrong password and then blaming IT fo... oh wait, that's how people work...

So it does in fact make sense that this has occurred, based on how people generally fail to confront reality and act on what's actually there, rather than what they would care to or fear to imagine.

Fortunately though, there are simple solutions.  Even the United Nations is aware that "Every Dollar Spent On Prevention Can Save Up To Ten Dollars".  So if "Just say no" is stupid and "Harm minimisation" is literally the opposite of prevention, what does it take to improve the situation?

The answer is actually very simple.  All that is needed, is honest, straightforward, factual information, presented as such.  And presented in a way that isn't brainwashing or detracting from the self determinism of those being education.

Human society - almost all of it - has been indoctrinated to believe a large number of false datums, that infiltrate every aspect of life, in particular education.  "Education" in schools is largely about forcing piles of useless, disconnected information onto students and demanding of them an ability to recite it, without self determined thought or evaluation of its truth and worth.

Perhaps worse, we are taught that people cannot be trusted to make their own decisions when provided true data.  Some even claim that presenting true data on something like drugs to kids, would instead have the effect of making them want to try them, by putting the idea there.  I can only assume a drug dealer came up with that idea to maintain their business.

Now what we actually give kids is truly psychotic mixed messages.  As a nation we say drugs are illegal and put people in jail for years or longer for taking or selling them.  But then we talk pill testing and harm minimisation, implying that drugs aren't that harmful.  We legally give hard drugs to small children who are struggling in school and call it treatment, but claim that lighter drugs are dangerous to the same children. And if you think kids don't notice that little Johnny is taking legal cocaine and decide for themselves that in that case maybe weed isn't so bad, you've obviously never been a child...

Then of course we celebrities the world over, musicians, YouTubers and TV stars joking about all the drugs they take, only to throw out "Oh yeah, kids, don't do drugs... like I do."

And to top it all off, we have marijuana legalisation popping up all over the world, and how do they do it?  Well governments go and decide that marijuana is clearly not that bad, so they make it legal. Straight up telling kids the world over, that marijuana is a harmless drug, thereby guaranteeing a gloriously booming market and profit margins.

Now I'd argue personally that governments should shut the hell up about everything and not restrict people's rights to kill themselves, or do other things.  I would never take it upon myself to tell a person they have no right to destroy their life and die, as I believe self determinism is more important than life.  If someone is determined to die, I'm fine with that.

So from a purely political perspective, I wouldn't even be opposed to legalising drugs.  If a politician got up tomorrow and said "I believe government should serve the people and not enslave them and that individual liberties are vital and as such, if elected, I would legalise drugs, along with countless other reforms to restore liberty." They'd have my vote.  Well if they specified drugs as the main point, they probably wouldn't have my vote, because I'd much prefer the legal right to give kids an education that isn't designed to destroy their minds and souls, that would be a priority.  But I digress.

The message that "Drugs are dangerous and deadly and will ruin your life - but you have every right to die horribly if you wish," is the message I personally believe in.

That of course would have to come with education to ensure people knew what they were getting into.  And it would have to come with no leniency on people who claim they committed a crime due to drug abuse, as if the abuse was clearly their choice, so would be their actions when "under the influence".

So ignoring extreme changes in laws and social attitudes, what is the simple solution that if implemented, could work right now?

Well that's easy.  The Foundation for a Drug Free World.  There's free education materials that don't condescend to kids and teens, they don't use the "Just say no" nonsense and they don't play pretend that somehow "clean" drugs aren't that harmful.  They tell kids what drugs will do to them, and leave the decisions up to them.

Statistically speaking, a 40% reduction in drug use is quite reasonable to expect.  And it costs nothing.

So actually prevention is infinitely cheaper than cure in this case.  Perhaps we should get onto that?  Unless you want your kids to suffer and die.

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece representing my personal views and not those of any organisation, including Drug Free World or Drug Free Ambassadors.