Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Eternal Empire

I've had a bunch of stories I've wanted to write for a while, but procrastinated.  So I've finally forced myself to make at least a start to each one, and will continue them depending on which one I find interests me most (and gets the best reaction from readers).

My latest first chapter is for The Eternal Empire and it is going to differ from my other works firstly in that it will be largely a pure sci-fi, with no real fantasy elements, and secondly it will focus a lot more on positive things, rather than my usual darker themes.

I'll probably have to modify the first chapter a bit as I flesh out the full plot, but it will be more minor details, not the overall chapter.

And just to link them all in one place, my other stories are:

A Step Too Far:
The first book of this series is complete and for sale at, but is also available on Wattpad for now at least.  It's the darkest of my stories, but was my favourite to write so far, as I enjoyed writing both main characters and the themes I will be exploring more in part two interest me.

The Edge of the Battle:
For now this is just a completed short story that I wrote for fun.  I do have a plot outline for a complete story with that as the first chapter, though I'm not currently working on it.

This is the big one I'm working on, but I have no idea how long it will take to finish.  First three chapters are up, but the story is a lot bigger than anything I've done before, so even the plot outline is a significant task.

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