Thursday, 19 October 2017


Dark days have fallen upon us.  Hordes of living dead, walk hidden among us, poisoning the hearts and minds of those we care about, tearing apart the very fabric of society.  They go by many names and pretend to be like us, lulling you into a sense of security.  How could these beings, on the bottom of the food chain ever be a threat to us?  But their numbers grow, the multiply and their voices grow louder by the day, soon they will no longer be the hidden minority, but shall consume all life on Earth.

Of their many names, the one we dare not speak aloud, lest they hear us: Vegan.

Be wary of the name, for the name spoken aloud calls them near and begs a sermon of their dark ways.  A sermon you may not escape, may not survive - at least not in the form you are now in.

Their dark ways are insidious, they speak of peace, love, health, caring for all life, but what they offer in hope, they take from you in joy, leaving you a shallow, empty shell of your former self.  Don't let the promises misguide you, that way leads only to sorrow and emptiness.

What do I offer as an alternative?  I offer a line drawn, a flag atop the mount, a rally point where those of us with moral fortitude and integrity can stand against the impending doom.

Do you feel tired they ask?  Weak?  Are you unwell?  Join us they say, we have the cure.  But what do they offer you as a remedy, ask yourself?  Are we not at the top of the food chain?  Do we not eat the meat, as the meat in turn eats the plants, that survive off the very air and dirt?  What we eat contains all things below it, if we yet reduce yourself to the lowest level, what can we be doing but reducing what we are?

Energy, life, sustenance doesn't come from the act of eating food itself.  It comes from absorbing the life force of a lesser being!  When you cook your own food and clean your own plates, do you ever feel as sustained as when an indentured servant provides all for you?  NO!  Because it isn't just the raw act of eating food that gives you energy, it is the work and suffering of those who provide the food that transfers to you as energy!  A synergy, half and half.  When you provide yourself food, you are eating your own life force!

Yes, being a vegan could sustain a person for life, if one had suffering, tortured souls preparing your every meal and feeding you.  This in truth is how all vegans survive, but they will never tell you that!  You only find out when it is too late and you realise your survival relies on the enslavement and degradation of others.

Being a meat eater though, provides that life force directly from lower beings, who exist only to feed and entertain us, requiring only minimal suffering on the part of those serving you.  Ask yourself, why would a cow be a cow, if it didn't want to be eaten?  Vegans also strip animals of their dignity, by taking from them all purpose in life!

Don't fall quietly into the eternal night.  Stand strong, and for every animal a vegan doesn't eat... eat a vegan!