Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Step Too Far - Chapter 9

Looking around, I couldn’t help but think there’s just a dearth of good bodies to find these days.  Young, well conditioned people used to drop dead all the time of this disease and that impaling.  Where’s a burly 24 year old dead man when you need one?

I could see a baby dropped dead a few houses down, not long ago.  I hardly have that much time on my hands.  An old man a little further away had his final stroke recently enough.  I’d be better off waiting to be an adult again than hobbling over at the rate that body could walk.  There was a reasonably good body up in the mountains, fell off a cliff last night, should still be serviceable, but that was too far to get back in time.

Ugh.  I hate drug addicts.  Dave was at least not so heavy a user to be unbearable, but the real addicts, their bodies stick like some kind of fungal glue.  Disgusting.  The girl was just two miles away though and was mostly grown.  Guess beggars can’t be choosers, she’ll have to do.

I’ve never been particularly fond of using female bodies – or is it being inside female bodies?  Taking female bodies?  I really need to come up with some useful terminology, if only to make my own thoughts on the matter more clear.  For whatever reason I’ve considered myself male as long as I can remember, but the distinction was really meaningless.  I simply preferred being male.

First of all, the monthly bloody excretions are both uncomfortable and undignified.  Being shorter and weaker is rarely beneficial, and while I thought being sexually attracted to my own body would be entertaining, the novelty wears out quickly.  And sex with other girls?  It just doesn’t work as well as you’d think.  Either that or I lack in creativity.

Honestly, I’m just not very good at being female.  I’ve tried it a few times before, so I know the ropes well enough.  But I feel more like an effeminate man than an actual woman, however hard I try to fit the part right.

Looking at the girl from up close, despite the blood and injuries, she was really quite pretty.  It’s a shame what kids get up to these days, but you can’t save people from themselves.  Passed out in a park, alone at this hour, filled with drugs, fresh needle mark on her arm, she’d only died a matter of minutes ago.

I couldn’t help but hesitate a moment.  I never liked taking too recently dead bodies.  The kind I could just fix up and send on their merry way.  Such a pretty little girl, it seemed I should give her a second chance.  But who ever takes advantage of those?  Certainly not some crackhead whore.  Besides, other innocent lives were likely at stake back at Dave’s body tonight.  This wasn’t entirely a selfish endeavour… Mostly, but not entirely!

No, this girl made her choices in life and they were wrong.  She died and nothing else known could bring her back.  I could spend all my days jumping around the world, saving every fool who died time and time again for the rest of eternity and it wouldn’t help a soul.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  No, she had her chance, and now I need her body for my own purposes, at least I’d put it to good use!

As I dived inside her, I could feel the usual cold sensation, the fog of the drugs still coursing through her system, the pain all over.  With a flash of concentration I purged and repaired it as best I could.  Even I can’t fix everything, but she was in good enough condition to be functional for my purposes.

Reaching into her back pocket, she was pleased to find a wallet with cash and cards in it.  Apparently I’m “Annie” now.  “How adorable,” she thought sardonically.

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