Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Step Too Far - Chapter 5

I became oddly fond of Dave in the short time I had as him.  There is something to be said for having no responsibilities and no redeeming qualities to distract you from unabashed debauchery.

Not even classy debauchery, the kind that takes money and power to really indulge in.  Just a raw, undignified, degraded obsession with personal gratification of the lowest level.  The kind where going to sleep covered in stale pizza, dry semen and steeped in sweat extruded while pissing off other Warcraft players till they rage quit, is actually an ideal day. One where I could sleep knowing I’d really made it go right to pull that off so well, so to speak.  It’s way more rewarding on a deep, spiritual level than it sounds.

No, there wasn’t anything likable about Dave, but I liked him regardless.  I would have been perfectly content to spend the next five or ten years as him.  But that was no longer an option.  Killed by such scraps.  There was a time I would have just about died from embarrassment at the notion of being killed in such a pathetic way.  Now I’ll settle for killing all of them instead.

Bodies are so much stickier these days than I remember them.  Or perhaps it’s me that’s sticky?  As Dave’s body lay dying in a pool of its own blood, I felt the last dregs of life seep away and my attention lifted out of it - it always felt freeing to be unencumbered by the mass of a moist, heavy, pulsating body.  Dave himself was long gone to oblivion, now his body could join him - but no use crying over spilt blood.  I’m going to honour my friend Dave, with a death far better than anything he deserved.  He likely regretted his hopeless life in his last moments before passing.  But no one has ever lived to regret dying well, and even if he never knows it, he will die a bad-ass.

New plan!  Much simpler, I kill those six guys and make it look like Dave died in a random mugging, taking six men out with him!  Like a boss.  This will need to be quick, if they dispose of Dave’s body before I make it back, it will be hard to make this seem legit.

Oh… Come to think of it, there’s also the whole human trafficking, prostitution thing.  Should probably get that sorted too.  It would be kind of a dick move of me to just let that slide when I’m like, right here.  I guess it’s two birds, one stone time.

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