Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Step Too Far - Chapter 1

I foolishly failed to notice that Wattpad doesn't let people read full stories without signing up!  So I'm posting my story here as well for those without an account.  If you like it, sign in to Wattpad for the latest updates, other stories and of course to vote, share, like, favourite, link, star, tweet, hashtag, follow, embrace, caress...

It was the third stab that really sold Dave on the notion things weren't going entirely well.  The first two didn't count, striking peripheral body parts that tend to recover well enough with time.  The third though, through the sternum into the heart, that was quite the show stopper.

Dave was a weedy man, in his mid thirties and still living home with his mother.  His body was well formed to maintain several hours of extended gaming, "bonging" and masturbatory sessions, his slight scoliosis giving him a little discomfort, but not enough to interfere regularly.  His thick, black hair was permanently greasy, likely from the sweat incurred from his private sexual gallivants, and he was just tall enough to qualify as short for a man.

The whole thing was very awkward, it really went back to the name, "Dave". Only saying it just plainly as "Dave" doesn't do the awkwardness justice.  It was more an extended, slurred "Daavvee", when he first heard his new name called out from a presumably drunk or high friend; and "Daavvee" is just not a name you want to take into a serious situation.  But it seemed okay at the time, and so it stuck.  And now Dave was stuck with a knife in his chest. He really felt he deserved what he got and was resigned to his rather tedious (and frankly, quite uncomfortable) death.

Deserving or not though, dying now was not conducive to his supposedly well laid out plans.  That was the mistake he always made, not considering his own weaknesses when planning something important, a failing that caused him no end of trouble over the years.  How hard could it be fighting through half a dozen second rate thugs?  Turns out punching someone in the face without any body mass, strength or speed to help is of limited effect.  Dave's last thought as he lay in a growing pool of his own blood was how embarrassed he was.  He almost blushed.

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