Monday, 25 March 2013

Update on Awesome

I have a terrible fear that haunts me to my very core that someone may miss out on something awesome, and it would be my fault!  I can't have this, and so I present this update of awesome things that you may have missed in recent times.

First of all, Game of Thrones season 3 is out in a matter of days!

This is possibly the best TV series ever made and season 3 looks to be insanely epic.  If you haven't started watching the show yet, grab season 1 and 2 and catch up before it is too late!

Also while waiting you can watch, School of Thrones!

If that isn't enough to make you run around in the streets naked singing praise to the heavens, then check this out:

Kick Ass 2 is actually a real thing!  It will be out this year!  Kick Ass is one of my all time favourite movies and I expect the sequel to live up to the name.

I know by now you've probably been panting so hard with excitement that you passed out.  But for those still going, here is something awesome, but a bit less over the top exciting to cool you off a bit.

Downton Abbey:
Have you seen this show yet?  I don't really know how to show its merits with a mere video clip or quote, but it is something you must see!

Here are some amusing parts with my favourite character, but it just isn't the same without the context of the show!

I'm afraid you don't get to "not like" Downton Abbey.  It's not a matter of opinion, there are those who like it, and those who are wrong.  It is the only current show that competes with Game of Thrones for the awesome crown.

Ultimately it comes down to how well done the characters are.  Their attitudes, motivations, actions and so on are all consistent and believable and it makes for a show that is somehow slow paced and yet constantly enthralling.  Genius!

This guy pushed his girlfriend off a cliff!

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