Monday, 11 February 2013

Mama Bear - Cafe Review

I have engorged myself at a new cafe, Mama Bear!  Now I must share my findings with the world or all shall perish!

First, I must say I was disappointed that there was no "bear" in the menu.  I felt a bit cheated.  I expected a large, hairy man covered in blood to come to my table with a knife and demand "YOU WANT HEART OR EYEBALL?!"  My life should have felt threatened.  It didn't, and I was less for it.

Alternatively it could have involved a caged battle with a bear for your food.  You enter and Mama Bear, "Tiffany" is behind the counter.  Wild with rage at being captured, she stands between you and your meal behind her.  "YOU MUST FIGHT TO THE DEATH PEASANT SCUM!" announces an unseen voice as you take up your small dagger and charge forth!

The reality was that I walked in and was seated at a table near other people by a lady.  She smiled.  I didn't feel my life threatened even once.  I'd hoped maybe she was luring me into a false sense of security, but nothing came of it.

So I figured I'd have to get past the name and just make the most of my time at the new cafe.

Mama Bear opened around the start of February in the remains of Tres Tacos.  They've cleaned the place up nicely, it's bright and open and quite large with a decent amount of outside dining space.  As far as I know it's the only decent cafe in that part of Flemington.  Of course Union rd. and Pin Oak Cres. are both very close, but that small area has never really been a "food" place until now.

Parking looks troublesome, but Racecourse rd., just past the cafe (away from the roundabout) actually tends to have plenty of spaces available during the day.

I'll have to try the waffles some time, but considering I was looking for the RAW MEAT AND BONE OF A FRESHLY SLAIN BEAR, I figured I needed something more substantial.  So I got the Big Breakfast.  They have all day breakfast!

This is breakfast!

It was pretty damn epic.  Excellent eggs, crispy bacon, really tasty sausages and relish.  I approve.

The single origin latte (I think it was El Salvador...) was also great.

Service was friendly and quite fast.  They even gave me my coffee at no charge just because they forgot the first time I asked for it.

I'll definitely be adding this place to my regular cycle of cafes, and perhaps suggest they consider hiring a bear to viciously and brutally eat customers who lack the strength and dignity to stand and fight for the food that is rightfully theirs! They probably won't go for it, but I'd be remiss in not trying.

I rate this cafe four out of five bears... I will up it to a full five when they get a bear.

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