Tuesday, 5 February 2013

BoxTech - My Business!

I was considering if I should put something as ordinary as business stuff on my blog, but I figured as the reason I've been lax in posting for the couple of weeks week is all the time I've spent on said business, I might as well at least mention it!

Consider this the non-corporate history and background of my business.

Basically BoxTech officially started back in 2005.  Originally it was a partnership between myself and two friends and was so we could make an income while studying at uni.  The name actually came from the idea of "clan names" from computer games and especially FPSs back in the day.  All three of us were part of clan "BOX" in Counterstrike (the original).  Clan names always took the form
"[BOX]Something".  So we figured a cool name for a business would be [BOX]Tech.

Once we decided to actually make a go of the business, that named seemed like a bad idea, because it wouldn't make sense to anyone who wasn't actually a gamer at the time!  So we changed it to BoxTech with the idea that "Box" refers to a computer and came up with the logo below:

Basically a stack of boxes to represent a server rack, which unintentionally but kind of awesomely looks like a Borg cube, and our name, in a box!

We went on for several years doing our studies and then full time jobs while quietly building up BoxTech in the background, gathering several medical centres and other small businesses to our ranks. Then last year we decided we either have to take it full time to support all our clients or sell the business and be done with it.

Obviously we made the decision to go for it all the way and it has since proven to be very much the right course of action.

So while neglecting this blog, in the last couple of weeks I've been updating our website ( and blogging a couple of technical articles on there.  Not to mention setting up a Facebook pageGoogle+Twitter, and Linkedin.

So, we resume usual coverage shortly!  But if you have any use for small business I.T. support in the Melbourne area, you know where to go.  Free bacon provided with initial consultation on request!  Who can beat that offer?!

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