Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Ballad of Schoolboy Jim

So I'm no poet, but it turns out my friend's dad Derek Wilson is!  He wrote this and his son posted it to Facebook.  I thought it was pretty damn awesome and worth spreading:

We've all heard about the plethora of school shooting over recent years.  We've also heard plenty of excuses and false reasons for them.  The truth however is far more disturbing.  Psychiatric drugging of children needs to be banned.

** The Ballad of Schoolboy Jim **
Jim came to school one morning
Feeling slightly down.
He was in no mood for learning;
Distracted, looking ‘round.

His teacher saw his vacant stare
And did as she’d been told;
And reported what she saw there
(Not done in days of old).

Jim came to school next morning
And, much to his dismay,
Was escorted without warning;
Protesting all the way…

…To a counsellor most haughty
With Mental Health Degree:
“Your teacher says you’re naughty -
You have ADHD”.

“But you don’t have to worry.
I’ll give you powerful pills.
Strattera in a hurry
Will solve your mental ills.”

He took the pills as he’d been told,
Hoped he’d get no worse.
But thoughts wild and uncontrolled
Were pounding like some curse.

Jim came to school next morning,
Feeling spaced and strange.
Thoughts in his head were forming,
Confusing and deranged.

Nervous agitation,
Exploding fiery head,
Violent imagination,
Wishing he were dead.

Jim came to school one morning
His head aflame with rage,
His father’s gun; no warning,
His private war he waged.

Short burst of senseless violence
Unloaded on his friends,
And suddenly to silence
A score of lives condemns.

He stops in the confusion
And for a moment sees
The death from his delusion
And collapses to his knees.

Dead and dying on the floor
He faces what he’s wrought.
Can’t face one second more:
Ends it with his last shot.

While guns are made for killing,
(As no-one can deny),
No-one sane is willing
For Innocents to die.

Jim came to school next morning
Not in body, but sad soul
And issued out a warning
About the Teacher’s role.

“Please tell those who won’t learn
To extrovert a bit,
And Psych labels you must spurn,
Like ‘attention deficit’.

And tell the Couns’lor if she gets the urge
To rapidly diagnose
To practise first this social scourge
And give herself a dose.

And lock herself in padded cell
Where no-one can be harmed.
And ride the Prescribed Train to Hell -
Courtesy Big Pharm.

-Derek Wilson, Jan 2013

If you doubt the subject matter, look at Strattera's own website:
Check it: http://www.strattera.com/Pages/index.aspx

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