Friday, 21 December 2012

End of the World Diary

Bearded Man's log. Earthdate, 0. In my End of the World bunker, terrible silence overwhelms me. I dare not look outside and see the means of the end for the hellfires may be too strong and burn my flesh.

I fear my stockpile of beans and water may not hold me through the worst of it. 10 year's supply, but already I hunger. Is anyone else still alive, or was I just lucky? Is it luck to be the only one left, alive but my sanity slowly dying by the day? Only time will tell.

It must still be dark outside, I dare not wonder what the light will bring, for I cannot venture out to see it. Perhaps not all will be lost, I have only hope and yet it may be my hope that betrays me to the bitter ruin of madness.

Perhaps sleep will offer some relief for now, but I expect only nightmares. When I close my eyes I see only death and horror. Time passes, it is inevitable. Sooner or later the truth will be manifest even down here and I will know my fate. If I am still myself enough to see it...

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