Friday, 21 December 2012

End of World - Day 2

Earthdate 1.  The first day of the New World, or lack of world.  9 hours I spent on this first line, the only thing that could take my mind off what a fool I have been.  10 years I have to live.  10 years of rations.  I could stretch it to 15 perhaps, 15 years of endless hunger and for what?  So I can be stuck down here alone with only my mind and its terrible images longer still?  It feels like years already.

I dare not go outside to see what is left.  If I survived, perhaps some few others have too, far far from here.  Or perhaps not.  I should be patient, wait until the burning maw of hell closes, or the seas lower, or whatever other horror awaits outside is lessened or gone.  Maybe then I can venture fourth and try to find others who prepared as I have.

I know now I should have made more provisions, I should have made it possible to look outside, or hear outside without leaving my shelter, but it seemed too dangerous at the time.  Now, I'm as good and blind and deaf, I hear only my own breath, see only this small room.

No matter.  The worst must be over and here I am, alive.  Because when others doubted, I prepared.  I shouldn't feel sorry for myself, I may be the founder of a new civilization on Earth - one day.

I need sleep, it has eluded me too long.  Tomorrow is the second day after the end of days.  Perhaps it will be the first day of the beginning of my world?

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