Monday, 8 October 2012

Various Awesome Things

I am distraught and on an edge!  There are just too many awesome things flooding into my universe and I have to get them out!  OUT BEAST!  OUT!

Look at that!  That is a real thing that someone is doing right now!  A man, in a Bat-suit, flying, why?  Because it is awesome!  Is there any better reason for doing anything?

Okay, I've linked this before, but I need to link it again.  It is the definition of awesome, there is not one thing in this video that everyone on Earth shouldn't do at least once!

Lindsey Stirling!  She's got a violin, and there's like, fire and bendyness and dancing and stuff, I mean seriously!

I had THAT for breakfast recently!  Okay, it's not exactly the same order of magnitude as the other stuff, but LOOK AT IT!

Patrick Stewart on Extras.  He's seen everything!


The thing that you need to understand, is that they are on a boat.

Okay, I didn't think I was afraid of heights, jumping out of a plane isn't hard, but this is intense! No tether at all, that's the way to do it!

Professional Russian!  Food!  Guns!  The bacon of pistols!  A grenade!  BACON STRIPS!

Alright, I feel better now.  Had to get all that out.

How could I forget about this? At least 5 years after I've first seen this, I still can't look at it without cracking up.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Kensington Pizza - Review

So I was playing poker last night - no limit Holdem for anyone interested - and because my friend who hosted the event is awesome, he arranged for a special delivery.  Now it's not unusual to have pizza at a poker night, but this my friends, was special.  This was unexpected.

Understand, food is important to me but I do make sacrifices to my integrity when required to eat en-masse.  I will eat dodgy fish and chips or soggy pizza as the case may be and social convention requires.  But that night, last night, was different.  Last night a light most beautiful and bright burned radiantly in the food heavens and a pizza descended upon the Earth and into my hands.  It spoke to me, singing softly, lovingly as I caressed it and gazed upon its delicate beauty.  Taste me she said, she wanted to be a part of me, to fill me with love and joy, she spread herself lavishly before me, tempting, enticing... Ahem, got a little over-excited there.

Now if we are to be straight forward and open, this is the best pizza I have had in Australia, but hovering around the second best I've ever had.  The best pizza in the world is at a pizza shop in a small Greek town called Argos and the possible second best as at a place whose name I forget in Rome.  But damn this was good pizza!

I tried the "cheeseburger" and "something with lots of meat" kinds and both were intense, but seriously, a cheeseburger pizza!  It actually tasted like a Big Mac would taste if it weren't fast food!  I have to wonder what would happen if I ate this pizza whil...

Tonight I am eating that pizza while watching THOR!  If I transcend to Godhood, I will be sure to make note here in a followup post.  Or by turning all clouds into bacon.  We'll play it by ear.

On that note it's been 26 hours since I've had any sleep and I'm slowly forgetting how to control my body.  So remember everyone, you only live one thousand four hundred and sixty three times and only 7 of those times do you get to have a body made of cheeseburgers and pizza, so take advantage of this life and try a cheeseburger pizza.  For the environment.  And the children.  Hippopotamus.
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