Saturday, 15 September 2012

Shark Fin Inn Restaurant Review

My quest for culinary transcendence (that is to say the attainment of a higher state of being through food) continues as I am brought to the Shark Fin Inn on Little Bourke St. in Melbourne.

The Shark Fin Inn was founded by Sun Tzu in 522BC.  Before his fame as a great general and his famous work "The Art of War," Sun Tzu sought to achieve world peace through the harmony of food.  In doing so he created a place of sublime dining where people the world over could come to eat and sort out their differences.

Following this there was a 7 year period of peace and harmony on Earth, until the White Walkers attacked and almost destroyed humanity.

Sun Tzu then went into hiding for a couple of thousand years and has now returned to reignite the sparks of his humanitarian crusade. *

The Shark Fin Inn - specifically the one on Lt. Bourke St. - is definitely my favorite place for Chinese food in Melbourne.  It is always packed out but you can usually get a seat reasonably quickly and it leaves you with no doubt the food is fresh.  I'm surprised they can even fit enough food in the building given their throughput.

Although they have fancy dinners and banquets and so on the real stand out here in the yum cha.  The food is absolutely top notch with a massive variety and it is almost offensively cheap.  I've had epic meals here with 10 people eating until we all had to get annexes to our stomachs and we still didn't manage to get past $22 per person.

I've eaten at the Flower Drum and several other top rated Chinese restaurants and while there is no doubt they too are excellent, you are looking at five times (or more) the price for a very similar quality of food.

For the betterment of the human race and to forward Sun Tzu's will, you must eat at this place.

* Disclaimer: All of this is a lie.**
** Disclaimer: It's totally all true.

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