Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lindsey Stirling - Album and Video

Not to exaggerate, but Lindsey Stirling is the best person in the world.  Not the best violinist or musician, the best person.  Once Lindsey Stirling walked into a room, and World War III ceased to exist in history.  You didn't know there was a World War III?  That's because of Lindsey undoing the past by walking into that room.

Other than that, I'm a totally unbiased reviewer.  Balanced, centered, reasoned.  I have no emotion, I am a reviewing machine - analytical and cold.  A professional!

This is Lindsey's latest music video:

It is as if the essence of bacon were made into a video.

She also has a full album now!  It is a very predictable series of music - in that it is predictably awesome from start to finish!
Album cover.

I've been converted from metal to violin music!  I don't know how this happened, but I'm happy to go with it.

Incidentally, if you're wondering who films Lindsey's awesome videos (and you should be!) then you should check this out:

The guy's name is Devin Graham and he is Lindsey's boyfriend.  His videos consist entirely of awesome people doing awesome things.

So let's recap here.  We have the best violinist (sorry, person) in the world creating violin dubstep music - while dancing - and epic music videos filmed by her boyfriend who essentially dedicates himself to the pursuit and enshrinement of awesome.

Where did these people come from!


  1. Incredible job! I loved the review (I agree!) I also watched the video you posted of Devin's and it was FANTASTIC! It was so beautiful!

  2. Excellent and accurate review. Now If only I can get Lindsey to collaborate with Ronald Jenkees my job will be complete.