Monday, 17 September 2012

Kick Ass Review - Best Movie Ever

Okay.  So I haven't quite worked out my gradient scale of "best movie ever," work with me here.

Kick Ass is very near a perfect movie in my books, as it combines aspects of pretty much everything that can make a movie good. It has great action scenes, is hilarious, has a good story, interesting characters and Nicolas Cage. Add to that a cool premise, a tinge of general awesome, and Nicolas Cage and you've got a flawless combination. Did I mention Nicolas Cage is in this movie?

Just based on the trailer I anticipated a great movie, but I expected to be bitterly disappointed. There was no way they could actually pull off a movie that looked that cool. But pull it off they did. The basic plot is that the main character – Dave – randomly wonders one day why no one has ever been crazy enough to dress up as a superhero and just go and do it. He knows its a stupid idea, but hey, why not? Predictably this doesn't go too well for him, several times, he is nothing if not persistent.

Then when he's about to really cop it, an 11 year old girl aka Hit Girl stabs a guy through the chest with a spear.

Now most things bore me rather quickly. I can get bored mid sentence and divert onto an entirely different breakfast of eggs and bacon with mushrooms and DayZ is an awesome game... Sorry. But there are exactly four things I can watch endlessly. Lindsey Stirling playing the violin, Gangnam Style, Thor smashing things with his hammer and Hit Girl brutally murdering people. I'm generally not a proponent of brutal murder, but there are exceptions to every rule.  Also bacon.

Let's break down this movie a little.

Nicolas Cage plays a character called Big Daddy, who is basically Batman who murders people.  His daughter is Hit Girl aka Chloe Moretz.  This has to be one of the smartest combinations in movie history.  Admittedly combining Nicolas Cage with anyone is awesome, but combining him with an 11 year old girl who shoots people in the balls is awesome to the power of rad (thanks for that phrase Anthony!)

On top of that, the humor and style is quite brilliant.  I haven't actually been to a superhero movie before where a scene caused half the audience to gasp and jump, but this one did (The car crash scene for anyone wondering)!  There are several scenes that just leave you gasping with laughter, in fact I'd say the humor is even better than in The Avengers, which is saying something given the awesome Joss Whedon was behind that.

Finally, I really found the development of the main character, Kick Ass to make sense and be rather cool.  The movie does a good job convincing you that this kid went from awkward nerd to kind of crazy dude in a costume to being a genuine hero, as best he could without any particular skill or ability...

I really hope they do make a sequel to this as it truly deserves one. This movie was made entirely on the budget of Director/Producer Matthew Vaughn as no movie studio would back it.  That kind of dedication to making your vision reality deserves recognition and reward and hopefully a film studio will come in and offer some epic budget to truly do a sequel justice.

Out of 10, this movie gets BACON!

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