Friday, 20 July 2018

Dinner With Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

Well that was certainly an experience!  I'm glad I went, as it was one of the more eye opening events I've ever attended, but not all in a good way.

To start with the positive, I liked both Lauren and Stefan as people.  I liked that they have the courage to say what they think, even against all the death threats, police fees and riots, when our own politicians are largely too afraid to even take on something as glaringly insane as "Safe Schools" publicly.  Most people at the event were ordinary, decent people interested in hearing an opinion different to the brainwashing media and education system we have in Australia.  Everyone I talked to was capable of having an actual discussion about issues - including Lauren and Stefan - without getting angry or offended and actually putting forth arguments and listening to counter arguments.

However there are many parts of their politics that I don't agree with, and there was also a definite far right element at the event, with people that I'd say probably Lauren and Stefan themselves wouldn't want to be associated with.

One example is people on one of the buses told me there was one crazy guy (out of about 40) who was going on racist rants the entire bus trip, while others tried to shut him up.  So obviously just a weird minority, but it clearly is true that those sort are attracted to these kind of events, along with the normal people.

Here's what I think is the crux of the matter though.  Both Lauren and Stefan have views I don't agree with.  I am not anti-Islam, where Lauren is somewhat (from our brief conversation I think she is more conflicted on it than she lets on in her videos), and I'm not as "pro Western culture" as Stefan is.  Frankly, one day I hope to see a culture or civilization on Earth, but it hasn't happened yet.  There were a few things Stefan stated as facts that I'd definitely question - he somehow ignored Asia when discussing the history of technological development in the world (though to his credit, he himself encouraged everyone to question his facts and opinions, which you never hear from left wing speakers).

I also find that Lauren's way of stirring controversy in particular can do more harm than good.  Like the "It's okay to be white," shirt to her is just a funny way of pointing out media bias, but at the same time while she doesn't hold any racist views that I could discern (remembering that religions and races are different), she knows that saying that will make others think she is racist and get her support from actual racist groups who use similar slogans.

But here is the bigger HOWEVER, nothing either of them said at the event, or have said or done in the past (that they've actually said or done, ignoring media hype) is even close to as disturbing, wrong or harmful as the words and actions of many left wingers that are considered perfectly acceptable in modern society.

Lauren and Stefan are accused of hate speech, well I'd argue it's hate speech when the left demonizes business owners as greedy criminals and males as unbridled rapists, but apparently, that's okay.  But saying that kids should be raised in a stable family environment and not indoctrinated on 50 plus genders?  Hate speech!

And let's not get started about little kids in drag at "Pride parades" or the likes of PETA and Greenpeace.

When you have left wing social justice warriors at American universities literally protesting against free speech, chanting that "speech is violence", and academics and politicians who take that nonsense seriously, it's not surprising that some people may go overboard in response.

I'm no stranger to holding and voicing controversial opinions, and I also like hearing the views of people with interesting things to say, whether I agree with them or not.  It's rather troubling that now attending an event to hear someone speak, immediately means you are a supporter of them and all their views.  I had the idea that you go to such an event to find out more about what the speakers believe so you can make up your own mind, but apparently according to the Australian media and the left, that is no longer the case.  We either blindly obey, or they viciously attack as can be seen in any media report about the protests.

Remember, the people using actual violence, were not the people in the event. And that includes the more extreme far right element that were present.

So, what actually happened there?

The Dinner:
I was texted the secret address of the dinner at around lunch time on the day, so I was able to drive there directly and miss the protesters.  Turns out that after I think it was 98 venues had rejected them, this place was booked just the night before, the only place that would have them!

I arrived at 4:50pm to find a horde of police presence, but no protesters yet.  There were about 20 guests at the dinner, which is a lot more than I expected given the hefty price tag.  Before Lauren and Stefan arrived, we milled around a bit and chatted among ourselves and the conversation was mostly people being surprised about how much fuss there was over the whole thing.  The mood I could best describe as "a little bemused".

No one when they booked their tickets it seemed was expecting a big controversy or some kind of hate fueled event, they were there for a dinner and a chat to a couple of people they respected for taking massive risks to talk about subjects that Australian politicians are afraid to discuss in the open, from LGBT indoctrination through "Safe Schools", to our failing and left wing education system, and the general moral decline of society.  (And for anyone wondering, no one I spoke to at least even seemed interested in the subjects of immigration or religion at the dinner, one person even said he hopes they don't waste too much time just talking about that).

We eventually sat at 3 tables and Lauren and Stefan rotated between tables for about 20 minutes each table.  Interestingly, the majority of people were there to see Stefan rather than Lauren, which was surprising given the media paid him almost no attention.

Lauren and Stefan were both very pleasant and reasonable people to talk to.  I would have liked to go more in depth with them, but time of course didn't permit.  I definitely didn't get any notion of hatred or desire for violence from either of them, they both talked very openly and sounded like they genuinely care about trying to improve conditions.  It's refreshing after a lot of Liberal political functions I've been to, where people treat every word they say as a bomb that might get them killed if someone takes it the wrong way.  I've met a lot of able, intelligent politicians, who yet can't achieve anything because they are too afraid anyone will hear what they actually think about things as shocking as having a dissenting view about abortion, same sex marriage, religious freedom and so on.

Someone told me one of the people there was a member of a far right, anti-Islam and racist group.  I only got to speak to him for a couple of minutes, but I did bring that up and if he did have any controversial opinions, he didn't go into them with me.  Maybe he just didn't want to get into an argument, as he was perfectly polite to me (though I am a straight, white male).  Or maybe he just wasn't actually racist/anti-Islam.  Again, just not enough time to really find out!

The Main Event:
I'm not great at estimating crowds, but I'd say there were 500-600 people there.  Probably 70% were European male (not specifically "white"), then most of the rest were Euro female.  In the whole room there were probably only 10 or so people of other races.

I think that's likely more because of how the media portray Stefan and Lauren than because of anything they actually say or believe.  If there were a handful of people who may have taken issue to other races being there, the 500-600 others would have quickly taken issue with them (along with Stefan, Lauren and security).  I'd be curious to hear from any of those 10 or so people if they did encounter any issues by attending (even if it was just dirty looks).

I will say the main event had a different vibe to the private dinner.  There definitely were some pretty drunk and angry looking people there, but they didn't actually say or do anything racist or otherwise offensive that I observed, so that's just the impression I got from them.  If they were actually racists or anti-Islam or otherwise bigoted, they probably realised they weren't actually at a suitable venue to voice that.

There were quite a few interesting things throughout the event, but there's two that stood out to me.  Stefan said during his speech (and really the main point he was making was) that it is vital freedom of thought and speech be permitted in society and that we don't allow violent protesters to prevent reasoned debate from occurring.  He said if we aren't permitted to freely talk now about what kind of society we want to live in and if we let dissenting opinions be suppressed, then eventually there will be no freedom at all and that will only lead to violence and destruction.

So that sounds pretty sensible, but one person did come up and ask a bit of a veiled question of Stefan which to paraphrase was basically "So when do you think violence will be necessary to fight back against the left."  The implication being he was looking for an excuse to do so.  Stefan (and Lauren who was next to him) seemed a bit taken aback by the question, and his response was that there shouldn't be any violence, but if we ever get to a point where it is literally impossible to have freedom of speech, it is just an inevitability that it will occur.

The other thing that stood out as mostly pandering to the wrong audience was how Stefan ended his talk.  He encouraged everyone to chant "West is best!"  His point, which he made clear, was that right wing people (who hold traditional Western, Judeo-Christian beliefs) need to stop being ashamed of their beliefs and feeling self conscious about being attacked, but instead actually be proud of their own culture, just like other cultures are proud of theirs.  But obviously he would have known that some several hundred white guys chanting that definitely has a different connotation, especially to any extremists who may have been there.

As I said before, I can't really get behind pride in any extant culture.  If I were to chant, it would be more like "Human's need a civilization," or some-such.

The Protesters:
And that leaves just the protesters to discuss.
I mean really.  WOW!
From my seating position I couldn't see if there were multiple or just individuals at some points, but several times throughout the event someone who got in with a ticket turned out to be a protester.  Maybe 6 people in total.
And those people were like wild animals.  Like these weren't humans in there protesting, I have to assume they were either on drugs, or were actual rabid dogs in human form.

From what I could see they were all white women in their 20s and all they did was run around and shriek like lunatics for a few seconds until they got dragged out by security while the audience laughed and cheered.

I'm really curious what they were doing while waiting for their moment and how they decided when to start.  How did they even pass as human long enough to get through security?  Hell how did they use a computer to order tickets, or did someone do it for them?

I didn't see much of the outside protesters, so I guess I'll find out on the news what they were like, but inside I've never seen more mentally deranged people in real life, only on some YouTube videos.  It was kind of surreal and worth the ticket price alone.

The Police Fees:
It's been all over the news that the police are charging $68,000 for the security provided.

Now all credit to the police and security present for doing an excellent job.  I can't criticise them at all.  But despite the idea that police charge event organisers for police presence regularly, there is a key difference here:

The difference is that generally events that need police are large, public gathering where people are getting drunk or on drugs and police are needed to stop general violence and problems.

At this event, police didn't need to be there because of the event itself.  At the event itself there was plenty of security and none of the attendees (except the protesters who got it) got violent or caused any problems.  Police only needed to be there because terrorists were threatening violence and turned up to attack the attendees of the event.

That is a very different circumstance to a normal event.  At a normal event, people show up, some may get rowdy and are handled by police.  At this event, the only people the police were needed to handle were people not there for the event, but criminals and terrorists coming to disrupt the event.  Thus by charging the event organisers, the police are literally charging the victims of crime for protection.  This was clearly a political decision from uplines in the force (or perhaps even at government level) and not the fault of any of the police present of course.

The correct handling would have been to inform protesters that any violence would result in immediate arrest and criminal charges and then to turn up, quickly arrest anyone breaking the law (including assault such at throwing things at people), filing criminal charges against them and leaving it at that.  That would have left a bunch of non violent protesters who didn't need police to handle them, and a bunch of criminals and terrorists off the streets.

So in summary my view of the whole thing is that Stefan and Lauren are pretty reasonable people, with some views I disagree with, but nothing that can't be discussed on a rational level (and nothing they wouldn't be perfectly happy to discuss either).  Stefan probably has more controversial views than Lauren, but Lauren is definitely more overt in causing offense to get attention.

Most of the attendees were normal people who just wanted some place they could hear views outside the mainstream, brainwashing media.

There were some people who it seemed were extreme who were present, but they probably didn't get what they were coming for.

The protesters were batshit crazy animals and when those are your opposition, it shows you must be doing at least something right.

And would I go to one of their events again?  Probably not.  If Jordan Peterson comes down again, I'll have to make sure to see him, but while I like Lauren and Stefan, I don't think the event was actually constructive to improving things in Australia.  I definitely don't think it was harmful or dangerous, and I'm glad that some other views are being spoken here, but they didn't really present much of a solution to go forward with.

Actually I think Lauren in particular could achieve a lot more good if she tried to be less shocking and relied more just on reason.  That's actually something a guy sitting next to me said to her at the dinner, that she presents much better in a reasoned argument in person than she does on her videos and in the media.  She said she agrees, but it's basically impossible to have a real conversation with the media or with anyone from the left, as they aren't willing to actually talk, but just attack.  The protesters certainly lend some credibility to that argument, though Peterson has shown it is possible.

I'm definitely glad I went, I know plenty of people thought I shouldn't go, but I don't believe that speech is violence and opinions are dangerous and I think anyone who does is the real danger to society.

And if anyone thinks I'm a terrible person just for wanting to discuss some interesting issues, well I'd much rather someone hate me for who I am, than like me for who I'm not.

If anyone wants to hear a good summary of both their views, I just watched this which covers it all quite well.

Minor corrections.  Apparently it was 88 not 98 venues, and there were 4 protesters inside.

Friday, 2 February 2018

The Tower of MEAT

It's possible I never told you about my theory of food.  I am 90% certain this theory is incorrect, but it is absolutely correct.

When you eat food, the sustenance comes not from the digestion of the food itself, but from the imbibing of the suffering and work of all involved in its preparation. The animals who die, the people who labour and so on, are all fed to you on a deep, spiritual level, through the ritual of eating their food.  This is why meals you prepare yourself are never as filling, you're basically eating your own life force!

Based off this theory, I have developed the scientific fact that the more animals are in your meal, the better it is for you!  And hence for the ultimate in healthy eating, I advise visiting Demazzi in Essendon!  Now I know some of you likely aren't into healthy eating, and that's perfectly fine, there are plenty of places you can go for unhealthy vegetarian and vegan meals.  But for those who care about their spiritual well being, let me present to you, THE TOWER BURGER:

This thing packs in a full three different animals, presented in 5 unique ways!  Ground cow, milked cow, fried chicken, torn up pig AND salted and smoked pig.  It's like a Frankensteinian orgy of flesh!

I must confess, for years I have scorned the quality of food Melbourne (and Australia as a whole) has to offer, but the tide is finally turning and we are rising up to a new age of glory and wisdom. Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning...

Saturday, 27 January 2018

A Step Too Far - Chapter 13

Annie sat breathing heavily, dangling her feet in the hot spa, watching the dried blood, indifferently wondering if it will wash off easily, or need some scrubbing.  How did she even get blood on her legs?  Splash damage must have been more intense than she noticed at the time.

Stripping to her underwear, she pulled out her wallet again before settling into the spa to clean up.  It took some time to find a suitable hot-tub, kept warm in a back yard, despite the residents being off somewhere.  Ever so courteous of them to let her bloody up their waters.  A hot spa was clearly the only way to celebrate a victory in battle, it’s a shame they weren’t around in the good old days - a good hot spring certainly did the trick though.

A few hundred dollars in cash - not bad for a kid, drug money?  A learner’s permit, the photo was pretty, but she saw herself in the mirror at the bar, it clearly didn’t do her justice.  Platinum credit card, daughter of rich parents?  Debit card, library card?  They still have those?  Hmph.  Gym membership, of course, and some blank card, probably opens the gate of her parent’s mansion.  Very un-elucidating… She put it aside and sunk under the bubbling water to try and get the blood out of her - come to think of it remarkably silky - hair.

I still ask people sometimes, what their earliest memory is.  A Christmas tree on a snowy day; their first day in school; their parents’ faces? Some it seems can barely remember even being a child.  None remember being born, yet not one person ever questions that they were born, everyone is born at some point, right?

I remember when I was born - far too long ago - but it isn’t my earliest memory.  My earliest memory isn’t of being born, but of dying. Then blackness, perhaps a second, perhaps a thousand years, then birth. And before that,  nothing.  I’ve never known blackness since then, not even a moment’s nap.  The body sleeps, I do not.  I’ve been born many times since then.  I’ve lost more bodies than I can easily count.

So if my earliest memory is my own death, surely I must have been alive before then?  Was that the first life I was born into?  Was I even born, or did I just come to be at that very moment, seeing through the eyes of someone who was never me?  Whoever that man was, there were two things I knew about him.  He was hated by those who killed him more than I’d seen anyone be hated in all my time since, and I hated him.  I don’t even know who he was, but God I hate him with every fiber of my being.

Emerging from under the water, Annie took a deep breath and casually inspected her newly clean hair.  It was nice being beautiful.  I should buy a pretty dress.

A Step Too Far - Chapter 12

The two men came around the corner and Annie heard them stop still.  “Hey!” one growled “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  She turned to face them with a grim smile, as they moved to block her escape.  “Oh I just saw those guys in there kill that guy Dave you’ve got hidden away inside.  Thought I’d see what they were doing with him, maybe drop in and say ‘Hi’,” she replied brightly.  “Crazy bitch, you must be high,” replied the man on the left as they both approached her.  He saw the specs of blood on her face and clothes.  “I guess this will be the second time someone teaches you a lesson tonight.”

Annie watched them approach, grim smile shrinking to more of a dark smirk.  One of them drew a knife, the other grabbed her and slammed her hard up against the wall.  It knocked the wind from her, but the smirk remained.  “Pretty little thing like you should stay off the streets at this hour, but I guess it’s too late now, can’t exactly unsee something can you?”  “No indeed!” she cheerily replied, despite some shortness of breath, “Come to think of it, weren’t the two of you there too?  I’m pretty sure that knife was the one that got me, uh, him in the leg, no?”

The man with the knife pushed the other aside and held it to Annie’s throat.  The grim smirk was gone, she now smiled sweetly, looking into his eyes.  “That’s right, this was that knife.  Now, tell me, would you like me to fuck you before, or after I use it on you?” The other guy laughed, “This bitch is crazy man, but she’s hot!  We could get good money for her, let’s bring her in.”

“Oh, let’s not be in such a hurry,” Annie said seductively, gently caressing the man’s knife arm.  “Can’t you both fuck me here first, before we go inside?” Now the man with the knife laughed and leaned closer to her, his left hand moving to grope her between the legs.  His knife twisted from his hand and went up through the floor of his mouth,  right into his brain.  He fell straight to the ground dead.

The other man jumped back in shock and fumbled, but managed to reach his gun.  Annie took a step toward him as he retreated, drawing on her.  She grabbed the gun with both hands and leaped up and around, wrapping her legs firmly around his neck and wrenching the gun from his grip.  He came crashing down, her legs still entwined around him, cutting off circulation to his brain.  In a few seconds he stopped twitching.  She lay relaxedly on the ground for another minute before letting go.  His eyes had almost bulged out of their sockets.  It was nice having a body that could properly follow through with her intention!

Annie rose to her feet, taking the gun, but leaving the knife.  It seemed a good place for it to remain - sticking out of the man’s jaw - it held a certain aesthetic quality.  After three months as Dave, not to mention years as a hobo before that, Annie realised she was tired of inactivity and slowly plodding around.  Walking to the front of the bar, she wanted some action.  There was only so much she could do to increase the strength of a body, but she put all she had into it and kicked down the front door, marching in, gun blazing.

A Step Too Far - Chapter 11

Slurring and sobbing, stumbling as she ran despite her drug addled head, trying to reach the main road while explaining where she was to the operator, Stephanie was desperate to get someone, anyone there to help.  The operator calmly tried to settle her down and find out what happened, but she was too frenzied to give a coherent reply between trying to flag down cars that sounded their horns angrily at her.

As the operator ensured her an ambulance was on its way and implored repeatedly, “Please miss, keep off the road, an ambulance is on its way, you need to go back to your friend and I’ll talk you through helping her.” After several repeats, the message finally drummed though, “Shit!” she’d left her lying on her back, probably choking on her own tongue!  Maybe the only reason she wasn’t breathing now was Stephanie's own carelessness!  She hung up the phone and ran back to where she left Annie.

Stephanie’s eyes darted around, desperately trying to spot where she left Annie, but she was nowhere to be seen.  This has to be where she was!  It was only a few hundred meters away, and she recognised the nearby tree and bench, definitely!  They were lying right there!  Was she that high she imagined the entire thing?  She shone the light of her phone where Annie once lay and saw a few specs of blood against the green grass.  But Annie was gone.

Stephanie turned, looking carefully in every direction, Annie nowhere in sight.  “Annie?” she called out into the darkness.  “ANNIE!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.  No reply.  She ran back and fourth, making sure she had a full view of the area.  There wasn’t a lot obscuring the view and she could see well enough into the distance in the moon light.  No one was there.

She paused in horror for a moment, unable to find her dead or dying friend… and then realised, and fell to her knees laughing and crying at once with relief.  She was alive!  If she was too badly off, she couldn’t have gone far at all in such little time.  In Stephanie’s daze she must have not been able to feel her pulse or notice her breathing, how obvious that should have been!  Whatever had happened to Annie, she had obviously woken up, saw she was alone in the park, and knowing her, calmly and quickly went for help.

Stephanie raised her phone and started dialing Annie’s number.  Whatever happened last night, she clearly owed Annie the world’s biggest apology, and given the state they were in, probably also her life - again.  The thought flashed in her mind, “How much does an entire ice-cream shop go for these days?”

A Step Too Far - Chapter 10

It took a moment for Annie to properly reorient herself.  It was always a bit jarring to go from an exterior, broad view, to looking through the narrow, cloudy eyes of a body.  She looked herself up and down, checking her body and clothing were in more or less good order.  A bit disheveled, some blood, but otherwise fine.  She turned to face the direction of Dave’s body, two miles off.  There was no time to waste getting used to this body, it was fresh enough to not need much work to get going.  She jammed her right arm back into place and took off at a run.

A mile on, she was still running at a comfortable pace.  Her body felt a bit drained from lack of sleep, the partly healed injuries and the drugs, but was holding up remarkably well.  She was pretty pleased with herself, she was obviously getting better at purging drugs from the body of these kind of people.  Usually it was a hopeless task, there was only so much that could be done.  But she managed to clean up this body like it was almost new!

She was breathing deeply, but not heavily, and if anything the run loosened her up rather than exhausted her.  She picked up the pace and felt the cold morning air against her cheeks, her body warmed up and felt alive - a sensation Dave had certainly not been used to.  She missed that sensation, and wanted more!  Annie took a leap into the air as she ran at full pace, and gracefully landed back to a run meters ahead.  She was grinning now like she hadn’t in a long time.  Maybe losing Dave’s body was a blessing in disguise, this new one was fun!

Annie was almost sorry there was less than a mile left to run.  She jumped and darted, skipped and hopped, then cartwheeled and finally even flipped her way down the road, landing gracefully every time, she felt weightless.  This felt like the body of a dancer, or a gymnast!  She was quite familiar with being a good dancer, but always male, she’d never been a female dancer before.  Apparently she’d been missing out.  These little bodies aren’t so bad after all!

When Annie arrived back at the dingy bar, she was breathing hard, but exhilarated and ready for more.  In the excitement she’d almost forgotten why she was there!  As Dave she went into the fight with all the gusto of a stale sandwich, in keeping with his style of course.  But this body felt like a TV high school pep rally made flesh.  This time she’d put something of herself into the fight, like in the good old days.

The men had gone, leaving scuffs in the dirt, and blood, but no Dave.  She put her attention out a bit and could feel his body inside the building.  They were probably hiding it until they could think of a way to dispose of it.  For an instant she got an impression of the other people in the area and quickly pulled her attention back in.  There’s no fun in a fight if you know too much in advance!

Instead she walked around and peaked in a window and saw two of the men who killed her… Dave… whatever, before.  Also a third man she didn’t know, talking heatedly to them.  Then she heard footsteps, two men, coming around the corner.  She could hide and plan her attack, but she was still exhilarated from the run, and wanted to get back into action.  She just kept on looking in that window.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Dark days have fallen upon us.  Hordes of living dead, walk hidden among us, poisoning the hearts and minds of those we care about, tearing apart the very fabric of society.  They go by many names and pretend to be like us, lulling you into a sense of security.  How could these beings, on the bottom of the food chain ever be a threat to us?  But their numbers grow, the multiply and their voices grow louder by the day, soon they will no longer be the hidden minority, but shall consume all life on Earth.

Of their many names, the one we dare not speak aloud, lest they hear us: Vegan.

Be wary of the name, for the name spoken aloud calls them near and begs a sermon of their dark ways.  A sermon you may not escape, may not survive - at least not in the form you are now in.

Their dark ways are insidious, they speak of peace, love, health, caring for all life, but what they offer in hope, they take from you in joy, leaving you a shallow, empty shell of your former self.  Don't let the promises misguide you, that way leads only to sorrow and emptiness.

What do I offer as an alternative?  I offer a line drawn, a flag atop the mount, a rally point where those of us with moral fortitude and integrity can stand against the impending doom.

Do you feel tired they ask?  Weak?  Are you unwell?  Join us they say, we have the cure.  But what do they offer you as a remedy, ask yourself?  Are we not at the top of the food chain?  Do we not eat the meat, as the meat in turn eats the plants, that survive off the very air and dirt?  What we eat contains all things below it, if we yet reduce yourself to the lowest level, what can we be doing but reducing what we are?

Energy, life, sustenance doesn't come from the act of eating food itself.  It comes from absorbing the life force of a lesser being!  When you cook your own food and clean your own plates, do you ever feel as sustained as when an indentured servant provides all for you?  NO!  Because it isn't just the raw act of eating food that gives you energy, it is the work and suffering of those who provide the food that transfers to you as energy!  A synergy, half and half.  When you provide yourself food, you are eating your own life force!

Yes, being a vegan could sustain a person for life, if one had suffering, tortured souls preparing your every meal and feeding you.  This in truth is how all vegans survive, but they will never tell you that!  You only find out when it is too late and you realise your survival relies on the enslavement and degradation of others.

Being a meat eater though, provides that life force directly from lower beings, who exist only to feed and entertain us, requiring only minimal suffering on the part of those serving you.  Ask yourself, why would a cow be a cow, if it didn't want to be eaten?  Vegans also strip animals of their dignity, by taking from them all purpose in life!

Don't fall quietly into the eternal night.  Stand strong, and for every animal a vegan doesn't eat... eat a vegan!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Truth Behind "Going Short For Summer"

NOTE: I wish I could take credit for writing this, but I'm afraid the credit goes to a cowardly author who wants to be anonymous as they fear reprisal for their honesty.

I however do fully support and agree with everything in the article, except the Audrey Hepburn bit, because she obviously looked much better with long hair than short hair.  I don't know how anyone could think otherwise.


As a young man, my friends and I would wonder at the mystery of pretty girls with stunning long hair who suddenly slashed it to shoulder, ear, or no length.  We assumed some unspeakable medical situation had arisen and dared not pry.  Years passed, I got more female friends, more girlfriends, and knew some long-haired girls.  And I learned to my amusement how things actually went down. 

Let’s get something clear first:  If you’re a short-hairstyle girl; you’ve always looked great in a cropped tomboy bob or an elegant Audrey Hepburn bouffant – Good.  The following has nothing to do with you.  You know what suits you, let no one tell you otherwise.  This is directed at girls with a descending cascade of luxuriant locks gracing their crown, and are being convinced thinking of cutting them off to begin a style they are…not best equipped for.  For their own good, invariably.

Defs not having a go at you, sister.

Unlike men, women are naturally good at figuring out what looks good on them.  Left to their own devices, a girl will instinctively and swiftly solve this impossibly complex multi-factor problem and appear at their best.  The only exceptions are:

1)      Fashion sabotage.  Recent examples include low-slung jeans, the fake-tan and the tit-curtain, - fashion can convince otherwise sane women to deface their appearance.
2)      She just can’t be fucked.  Depressed, sick, better things to do, whatever the reason.
3)      Sabotage by other women.

Pictured: Light fake-tan as it appears to men.

This last has many motivations, and takes many forms.  Bad fashion advice, too much makeup, weight loss/weight gain harassment – it all happens routinely.  Of all these, the most common is bad hair advice.

See, every girl advising you to take it easy, go short, knows how much work you put into maintaining your hair.  To other women, well-maintained long hair is a statement of luxury, pride and status, as much or more than jewellery or brand clothes.  And like any statement of luxury, pride or status, this will draw the derision and envy of the less fortunate, proud or prosperous.  A girl who claims she isn’t impressed by your hair is about as convincing as a guy telling someone he doesn’t care what car they drive.

NEWSFLASH:  What your friends actually don’t care about is how busy your morning bathroom routine is.  So ask yourself - who are they really helping with their advice?

Do you think it’s easy for a skinny guy with a desk job to maintain a semblance of a masculine physique?  It’s inconvenient, painful gym sessions consuming 90+ minutes, 3 - 4 times a week, and there’s little payoff.   But it forms part of the statement he makes about himself, and betrays how he views himself.

And like long hair must sometimes be cut, and life goes on - sometimes the decision has to be made that hitting the gym is no longer worth it, or it can’t be done due to time, injury or other reasons.  But among men, this decision is seldom accompanied by:

Guys understand that they are giving up something, and their friends quietly respect this.  But no one bullshits you that it’s a good thing.  With hair it’s worse of course:  You can shape up in six months. You can’t get your hair back for 2-4 years, and unless you’re still 17 there’s a good chance that changing life circumstances will mess that regrowth process up somewhere along the line.  An ex of mine cut her stunning waist-length hair around the age of 21, and 5 years later it was never the same, and she bitterly, secretly, regretted it.  Maybe she’ll get it back before she’s 40, who knows?

Look, the only real advice here is:  Don’t listen to anyone else about your hair.  ‘Be your own advisor, keep your own counsel’ the saying goes.

But why?  Can’t you trust people for honest opinions?  Well, let’s narrow down who you obviously shouldn’t listen to:

Firstly, do not trust what your guy friends say.  By actual survey, 99.9% like your hair long.  And 90% will lie.  Not because we’re malicious, we’re just not idiots:

1) ‘Hm, I don’t know Lisa’s life intimately.  Maybe she’s sick, maybe her hair is damaged, maybe the new baby/job is making her time impossible - and she simply has no choice but to go short.  If so, making her feel bad when she’s just seeking reassurance doesn’t help anyone…’
Sure, you’d look great with short hair Lisa!”

Ok, sometimes, it really is time.

2) ‘Oh, there are other people listening.  Some of them are less-attractive friends, guys with short-haired girlfriends listening, older ladies, cancer patients, white-knights and feminists and yeah, I’d rather leave with my balls intact today.’
“Sure, you’d look great with short hair Lisa!”

3) ‘Oh, my GOD Lisa what have you done??  It’s a war crime.  I can’t say, ‘How was the lawn-mower, see you in three years?’…poor girl.’
“Wow, love the new style Lise!”

Ok, what about professional help?  Well, do not under any circumstances trust your hair-dresser for advice.  This is a person:
A)     Whose main stock-in-trade is shortening hair in exchange for money.
B)      Gets paid best when performing actions that inevitably destroy long hair, such as colouring, curling and straightening.
C)      Being obsessed with hair, is constantly tinkering with hers ensuring she cannot maintain it healthy with length - and are thus unlikely to see why you should, either.
D)     Despite ostensibly being a hair technician and expert, has surprisingly little good technology for maintaining healthy long hair.

‘Who needs long hair?’

Finally, and most importantly, DON’T trust other girls.  Talking to girls, these are the thought processes you will discover when they are unguarded or honest:
i)                     ‘I’m a girl who has always looked amazing with short hair styles.  Since I view the world through the lens of my personal experience, I can’t see why Lisa couldn’t pull off the same style if she wanted!  You know, despite it not suiting her, having little experience with it and her hair being one her most striking features.

ii)                   ‘Lisa’s amazing hair makes me feel subconsciously envious and unattractive.  Though I can’t put my finger on it, I have this good feeling in my gut that I’m being a supportive friend by encouraging her to try out something new she obviously wants!
You look fabulous.  Trust us.

iii)                 ‘I’m menopausal, survived cancer twice in the last decade, my life is not centred about looking feminine and attractive, I am happy with myself and my achievements, and have many fulfilling things in life that don’t depend on that aspect of myself at all.  Silly girl should grow up and stop spending time on being so shallow!

iv)                 ‘Lisa is a great person, but doesn’t work as hard as me, and nor does she have the second kid hitting that age, I literally have 15 seconds to cleanse the filth from my body in the mornings so I don’t have time for luxury-class hair.  Why should she??

v)                  ‘That bitch has always thought she was hot stuff, let’s see how she looks brought down a peg or two.  Or five.’

None of these but the last are particularly malicious.  But they are also not the source of objective guidance you seek. 

So long-haired ladies, please:
Ask your partner – in private.
Ask the mirror.
Most of all, ask yourself if you’re still worth it.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Step Too Far - Chapter 9

Looking around, I couldn’t help but think there’s just a dearth of good bodies to find these days.  Young, well conditioned people used to drop dead all the time of this disease and that impaling.  Where’s a burly 24 year old dead man when you need one?

I could see a baby dropped dead a few houses down, not long ago.  I hardly have that much time on my hands.  An old man a little further away had his final stroke recently enough.  I’d be better off waiting to be an adult again than hobbling over at the rate that body could walk.  There was a reasonably good body up in the mountains, fell off a cliff last night, should still be serviceable, but that was too far to get back in time.

Ugh.  I hate drug addicts.  Dave was at least not so heavy a user to be unbearable, but the real addicts, their bodies stick like some kind of fungal glue.  Disgusting.  The girl was just two miles away though and was mostly grown.  Guess beggars can’t be choosers, she’ll have to do.

I’ve never been particularly fond of using female bodies – or is it being inside female bodies?  Taking female bodies?  I really need to come up with some useful terminology, if only to make my own thoughts on the matter more clear.  For whatever reason I’ve considered myself male as long as I can remember, but the distinction was really meaningless.  I simply preferred being male.

First of all, the monthly bloody excretions are both uncomfortable and undignified.  Being shorter and weaker is rarely beneficial, and while I thought being sexually attracted to my own body would be entertaining, the novelty wears out quickly.  And sex with other girls?  It just doesn’t work as well as you’d think.  Either that or I lack in creativity.

Honestly, I’m just not very good at being female.  I’ve tried it a few times before, so I know the ropes well enough.  But I feel more like an effeminate man than an actual woman, however hard I try to fit the part right.

Looking at the girl from up close, despite the blood and injuries, she was really quite pretty.  It’s a shame what kids get up to these days, but you can’t save people from themselves.  Passed out in a park, alone at this hour, filled with drugs, fresh needle mark on her arm, she’d only died a matter of minutes ago.

I couldn’t help but hesitate a moment.  I never liked taking too recently dead bodies.  The kind I could just fix up and send on their merry way.  Such a pretty little girl, it seemed I should give her a second chance.  But who ever takes advantage of those?  Certainly not some crackhead whore.  Besides, other innocent lives were likely at stake back at Dave’s body tonight.  This wasn’t entirely a selfish endeavour… Mostly, but not entirely!

No, this girl made her choices in life and they were wrong.  She died and nothing else known could bring her back.  I could spend all my days jumping around the world, saving every fool who died time and time again for the rest of eternity and it wouldn’t help a soul.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  No, she had her chance, and now I need her body for my own purposes, at least I’d put it to good use!

As I dived inside her, I could feel the usual cold sensation, the fog of the drugs still coursing through her system, the pain all over.  With a flash of concentration I purged and repaired it as best I could.  Even I can’t fix everything, but she was in good enough condition to be functional for my purposes.

Reaching into her back pocket, she was pleased to find a wallet with cash and cards in it.  Apparently I’m “Annie” now.  “How adorable,” she thought sardonically.